April 17, 2008

Cordovox CRD-0610 (1975-1977)

Not a White Elephant, but definitely a combo organ. Also has a built-in amp and two 3"x4" speakers.
Thanks for this "player's perspective: "The sound of this instrument is along the lines of your standard "Farfisa" style combo organ, perhaps a little cheesier, but useful... The voices range from "fuzzy" on the strings tab to nasally on brass, mellow on flute, etc...the vibrato is kind of exaggerated, but could probably be toned down by finding and adjusting the correct pot inside."

Top Panel: Buttons: Diapason, Flute, Melodia, String, Brass; Slider: Volume; Button: On/Off

Left of Keyboard: Slider: Volume, Bass Volume; Tabs: Piano, Guitar, Banjo, Harpsichord, Vibrato, Vibrato

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