October 17, 2011

October 15, 2011

Crumar DS (1978)

Crumar DS-I & DS-II (Ad from June 1978)

This is a very big and good looking synth with a lot of knobs for instant hands-on control. And you don't need a hardcase, it's built into one.
The Crumar DS-2 is basically a monosynth with an added 44-voice polyphonic strings section. The DS-2 was one of the first synthesizers to use digitally controlled oscillators making it stable in tune but maybe not as fat as VCO synthesizers. 
But it can sound fat. Especially if you use the polyphonic string section and apply some slow LFO modulation to the pitch.

October 04, 2011

Bruce Haack - Electric To Me Turn (1970)

"The Electric To Me Turn" is the first track from "Electric Lucifer" an early electronic album by Bruce Haack noted for its originality and innovative use of acid rock and electronic sounds. A psychedelic, anti-war song about the battle between heaven and hell. Haack used a Moog synthesizer and his own home-built electronics, including an early prototype vocoder. It was originally released on LP in 1970. The lyrics are highly original, mentioning concepts such as "powerlove" - a force so strong and good that it will not only save mankind but Lucifer himself. It remains Haack's only album to debut on a major label. (Video by Wonder Muddle)